2019 Ford Bronco Raises Prospects For Toyota FJ Cruiser

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We know what you’re thinking – why Toyota FJ Cruiser? The 4×4 tailored SUV from Toyota never managed to find success in its active years and this has led to it facing the axe a couple of years ago.

Well, despite its disappearance, Toyota is now heavily linked to bring back the FJ Cruiser and everything will be confirmed once Ford launches the next-gen Bronco. Rumors are claiming that Toyota had just finished their blueprint for the next-gen FJ Cruiser but they are waiting for the Bronco to see if there is a big potential in the market.

The 4×4 SUV segment has long been dominated by the Jeep Wrangler hence having the Ford Bronco coming out in the near future may see a change in the way consumers shop for their ideal vehicle. This will also open up a tiny room of opportunity for Toyota to make a name for itself through a brand new FJ Cruiser.

If everything is to go as planned, the next-gen FJ Cruiser will look to arrive in 2020 and it will rely on the same powertrain setup that is being used on the Toyota Tacoma. Will it happen?