2019 Ford F-Series Super Duty & More Recalled!

Ford has just issued two safety recalled which would affect the 2019 Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks along with the 2020 Explorer and 2020 Escape.

The recall affected the Super Duty trucks stem from the issue where the electronically locking rear-axle assembly may have a passenger-side axle shaft manufactures with steel that does not meet Ford specifications. This could lead to the axle shaft fracturing which could then cause the vehicle to lose its power when it is in two-wheel drive. It will also have trouble staying in Park. While owners wait for the fix, it is advised that they use the parking brake at all times when the vehicle is stationary.

The other recall will affect the 2020 Ford Explorer as those with the 2.3 liters and 3.3-liter gas engine might have a wiring harness that was not secured properly. If it is not secure in place, it might move and hit the air-conditioning pulley. In the long run, this could cause a short circuit or fire.

Author: Staff Reporter

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