2019 Ford GT500: V8s Ditched For GT’s Twin-Turbo?

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Being a fan of the Ford Mustang GT500 can disrupt the stability of your emotions and this is due to the great amount of uncertainty with the vehicle’s powertrain.

Ford has said before that V8s define the Mustang and this greatly suggest that the next GT500 will run on an 8-pot mill despite global pressure for automakers to downsize their offerings.

But today, the circumstances have changed as new reports are claiming that V8s won’t be the source of power for the GT500. Ford has decided to equip their flagship sports car with a 3.5L twin-turbo EcoBoost engine that is sourced from the Ford GT.

We find this ultimately shocking and we certainly wish that it isn’t true as the Mustang needs to preserve its V8 tradition. Our only hope is for the above to be an April’s Fool joke as the reports came out on April 1, yesterday.