2019 Ford Mustang Can’t Resolve A Longstanding Issue!

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The 2019 Ford Mustang boasts having a much wider offering than ever before and this is thanks to the introduction of Bullitt. Today, the online configurator for the Mustang has gone live and you will find yourself struggling with the loads of options being made available with the car.

But for us, our struggle is based on something that is more frustrating than pleasing. We are simply annoyed at the fact that the online configurator for the Mustang is largely limited with its offerings.

Despite the long list of add-ons with the Mustang, you can’t simply choose the things you want without adopting the things you don’t want. In our case, we wanted the Mustang with the colour green but that has made us pay an extra $500 for racing stripes – something which we are uninterested in.

The inflexibility of the Mustang has been a problem for a very long time now and we are surprised to see Ford overlooking it.