2019 Ford Mustang: Fixed Offerings Are Frustrating!

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The 2019 Ford Mustang has gotten bigger and better thanks to the release of the Bullitt variant. With this in mind, we never made any delays to playing with the car’s online configurator. What we experienced after that is endless frustrations.

This is because the online configurator for the Mustang remains to be inflexible all-around. We wanted the green colour option but that has forced us into paying an additional $500 for the racing stripe. We personally don’t want our Mustang to have stripes.

The inflexible ways of the Mustang’s online configurator have been an issue for many years now and we really thought that the 2019 model will change that. We were wrong.

The limitations on the Mustang’s online configurator remains to be a problem and we certainly hope that Ford can cut off the shackles on their iconic car.