2019 Ford Mustang GT500: V8 Verdict Sides With Turbos!

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Without a V8 mill, there is no meaning to the Mustang’s existence. These are the words of Ford when questioned on how the engine downsizing trend will affect the Mustang.

The statement assures that the next-gen Mustang Shelby GT500 is going to rely on a V8 but there is still a debate on what sort of V8 it is going to be. The rumors are divided on this front with one hand signaling it to be a supercharged V8 while the other voting for a turbocharged V8.

Recent reports suggest that the GT500 will feature a brand new supercharged V8 that can develop 800hp and this is so that the car can compete closely with the Dodge Challenger Demon.

However, we feel that it is more likely for the next GT500 to adopt a twin-turbo V8 since Ford has invested a lot in developing their turbocharged technology. Heck, Ford has even patented the name EcoBeast which hints on an overpowered twin-turbo V8 in the works.

It gets more convincing when you realize that the latest F-150 Raptor and even the GT relies on turbos. This is why a twin-turbo V8 seems fitting for the next-gen Mustang Shelby GT500 but we can only confirm on this after the car gets unveiled at the next LA Auto Show.

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  1. Luke

    September 7, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    You don’t patent names….you trademark them.