2019 Ford Mustang GT500: Writing Off Supercar Chances

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Every passing day brings us closer to the release of the next-gen Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and many can’t wait to see what the vehicle has to offer.

For the majority of the fans, they are most curious about the powertrain which the GT500 will rely on and this is especially when the rumours are divided on the subject. Some rumours revealed that the GT500 will have a hybrid setup to comply with stricter fuel mileage standards. Other rumours suggest on the use of a twin-turbo V6 that is sourced from the GT.

The latter is something we don’t expect to come true and this is solely due to compatibility issues with a supercar’s powertrain. The GT500 will be a massive muscle car and a twin-turbo V6 won’t be enough to improve on the vehicle’s performance. A hybrid setup, on the other hand, is something more acceptable because the electric motor can help take the burdens off the V6 mill.

But even with those two in mind, we still believe that the GT500 will stick to a V8 engine without any regards for global pressures to downsize. Ford has teased on this before when they shared that there won’t be any meaning to the Mustang GT500 if the car does not have a V8.