2019 Ford Mustang: Lacking Versatility Continues To Haunt Buyers!

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The Ford Mustang is one of those sports cars that will always sell well and this is due to it having an approachable price tag as well as a performance that never cease to amaze.

For 2019, the Ford Mustang will expand its horizon further and this is thanks to the availability of the Bullitt. Today, the 2019 Mustang’s online configurator has gone live and it allowed us to create a build that fits our needs.

This is when we came across a major issue with the Mustang and it is the inflexible offerings with the car. The hour we spent building the Mustang ended in frustration as we can’t have certain features without the things we don’t want. An example is with the green colour option which would require you to pay an additional $500 for the racing stripe.

The inflexibility of the Mustang has been an issue for a very long time now and it looks to remain unfixed until sales of the car stutters. Well, we don’t see that happening anytime too soon.