2019 Ford Mustang: New Configurator, Same Old Issues!

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It is official. The online configurator for the 2019 Ford Mustang has gone live and you can now experiment with the feature to find the best setup for your possible Mustang purchase.

We were quick to give the online configurator a try and we are actually pleased that there are more packages for the Mustang than before. One of them is the availability of Bullitt.

But on the downside of things, the online configurator is really limited in combination – an issue that has lasted for so long already. It’s just painful to see that you can’t enjoy certain features without adopting another set of features which you wouldn’t want. So many options are tied together that don’t need to be other than to drive up the cost.

An example is with the green colour option which would require you to pay an additional $500 for the racing stripe. The packages are not flexible at all and it is something which we hope Ford fixes in the future.