2019 Ford Mustang Shackled To An old Problem

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The 2019 Ford Mustang has gotten bigger and better and this is owed to a number of improvements made to the car as well as the release of new Mustang variants.

But after playing around with the Mustang’s newly-updated online configurator, we are left in frustration by an old lingering issue with the iconic sports car. The problem is inflexibility.

Just like every other Mustang before this, the online configurator has been restrictive when it comes to selecting the things you want on your Mustang. In our case, we were really attracted to the green colour option but adopting it would mean requiring to fork out an additional $500 for racing stripes that we are uninterested in having.

The inflexible offering has been a problem with the Mustang for a very long time and it looks like Ford has got no interest to fix the problem at all.