2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500: Downsizing Is Never In The Plans!

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V8s. The V8 engines are what define the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and Ford won’t be changing this setup for the next-gen model.

Rumours have been claiming that the next-gen GT500 will downsize to meet CAFÉ regulations. This means that the car will snub a V8 for a twin-turbo V6 and doing so will only anger the Mustang loyalists.

Ford is aware of the backlash that will hit them should the GT500 gets released with anything less than a V8 and it is why they have announced it early that V8 will continue to serve the Mustang.

The confirmation was made last month by Ford USA in lieu of a response to a comment made about V8s by Ford UK. The latter reminded the masses that the Mustang has been all about V8s and it got Ford USA to share that V8 will continue to serve the GT500.