2019 Ford Ranger Raptor: Diesel Stench Coming To LA?

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The US-bound Ford Ranger is one of the most anticipated vehicles right now as many can’t wait to see what Ford has got in store for the midsized pickup truck segment.

Ford has already raised the bar when they revealed that the Ranger will debut together with the Raptor trim and the vehicle will be very similar to the global model. This very statement has got many curious to see on the sort of powertrain which the Ranger Raptor will rely on and this is especially when fans learned that the global Ranger Raptor runs on a 2L turbodiesel mill.

Diesels have been on a decline since scandals happened and its application on the US-bound Ranger Raptor may not look like a good decision from Ford.

But then again, we can’t be certain about the use of diesels on the Ranger Raptor yet – at least until Ford unveils the vehicle at the LA Auto Show. Will diesel be a feature at the motoring event this November?