2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Stands Firm On Diesel Mill

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Diesels on mass-market cars have fallen out of favour and this is especially after several carmakers admitted to cheating their diesel emissions.

But despite the awry state of diesels, the next-gen Ford Ranger Raptor is still clinging on to a diesel mill. Nothing is official as of yet but the rumours are rife in claiming that the Ranger Raptor will be towed by a 2.7L diesel turbocharged 6-pot engine.

If that is not bad enough, Ford has teased before that a diesel powertrain will give the Ranger an edge over its rivals. Ford also indicated that the Ranger Raptor will be close to the global model, which is powered by a diesel mill.

The signs are all pointing to a diesel outfit for the Ranger Raptor and this is worrying for a lot of people. Even if the diesel unit is good, there is always a danger for an emission probe that may hurt Ford.