2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Unconvinced By Diesel Extinction!

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The past couple of years or so have witnessed a sharp decline in the production of diesel-powered vehicles and this is due to the emission scandal which the powertrain-type has been involved in.

Even so, Ford cannot be bothered by the poor prospects of diesels as they still believe that the upcoming Ranger Raptor will sell well with a diesel mill resting in its engine bay.

The midsized pickup truck scene does not have a powerful diesel-powered model and this can hand the Ranger Raptor and advantage in the market. Furthermore, the use of a diesel unit can also ensure that the Ranger Raptor can achieve unbeatable mileage.

Ford will need to be careful though because any emission slip-ups with the diesel-powered Ranger will only create trouble. The next-gen Ranger Raptor will be making its debut in the US at the LA Auto Show this year and we can expect to learn more about the diesel mill then.

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  1. Steve McCormick

    June 7, 2018 at 7:19 am

    Ford your not selling engines….Your selling Ranger pickups.The solution is pretty simple to me………GIVE THE CUSTOMER WHAT THEY WANT!!! Offer three engines , the 4 gas , the 4 diesel and the V/6. You make all these engines already……Before I spend $40,000.00 plus….I want a choice !!!