2019 Ford Ranger Strengthens Q4 Expectation!

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It is no secret that Ford is reviving the Ranger here in the US but nobody has got a clue as to when the midsized pickup truck will make its return. The next-gen Ranger has been heavily linked to debut in Q1 2018 and that didn’t happen at all.

Today, Ford has stepped forward to offer a huge clue as to when consumers can expect the next-gen Ranger. The carmaker revealed earlier today that the future Ranger will go on sale in the UK somewhere in early 2019.

This basically means that the Ranger is likely to make an earlier debut here in the US. The way we see it, the Ranger may arrive either in Q4 2018 or Q1 next year.

What’s more certain to happen is that the next-gen Ranger will make its unveiling in production-ready form at the LA Auto Show, like how new rumours are indicating it to be.