2019 Honda Civic Si May Fool You For A Type R!

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The tenth-generation Honda Civic ticks every box for a great compact car and this explains why the vehicle has turned into a bestseller in the segment it competes in. There is just a Civic that will suit you, even if you’re a performance-crazy person.

The range-topping Civic Type R is one of the best rated sports cars in the world and there is also the Si trim for those that wants a more practical daily driver. If there’s one thing missing in the puzzle, it is a Civic Si with a body of a hatchback.

Well, this will look to change next year after reports revealed that Honda is working on the release of the Civic Si Hatchback. The car will have a powertrain setup that is identical to the one on the Civic Si Sedan hence restricting the differences to body style.

And if you are to check out the spy shots surrounding the Civic Si Hathcback, you will see that the car will have a shell that is near identical to the Civic Type R. More on this will be revealed at the LA Auto show next month.