2019 Honda Civic Type R Price Creeping Higher

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Ever since the release of the current gen Honda Civic Type R, Honda has been changing the price of the Honda Civic Type R for a couple of times now and it looks like they will be doing it once more.

The new price of the 2019 Honda Civic Type R will be the $37,230. While it might look like much, we need to take into consideration that the vehicle was offered for $34,775 when it first went on sale.

Honda did try to justify the price hike by pointing out some of the changes that they did make to the 2019 Honda Civic Type R model. They did improve the infotainment system and add a volume knob to the dash. On top of that they also change the layout of the buttons on the steering wheel so it is easier to operate now.

While it might be more expensive now, the fans still feel like it is worth it as compared to some of the other rivals, the Honda Civic Type R is considered a little more affordable as well.