2019 Honda CR-V Airbag Issue Leads To Recall

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Honda will be issuing a recall to bring back some of their 2019 Honda CR-V models worldwide after it was discovered that there might be an issue with the airbags.

According to the reports, the airbags might deploy for no reasons at all and this has to lead to Honda recalling about 137,000 units of the 2019 Honda CR-V worldwide with 118,598 of them being from the US. Honda also added that so far, there have been six cases where the airbags inflated for no apparent reason which had caused three injuries.

It was explained that the metal burrs on the interior surface of the steering wheel could damage the wiring harness and cable reels leading to an electrical short and overheating component which could cause the airbags to deploy.

The solution will be to install a protective cover on the steering wheel core. Owners will be notified to get the fix in July this year. While you wait, you might want to take note of a few warning signs like the steering wheel buttons malfunctioning, SRS warning light illuminating and more.