2019 Honda Odyssey: Can Safety Victory Push It Pass Chrysler Pacifica?

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Safety plays a huge role in influencing consumers’ decision when getting a brand-new minivan as the target audience would want to have the safest vehicle to haul their families.

Most minivans have scored big on this front, at least until the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety introduced more stringent safety measures like the Passenger-Side Small Overlap Front Crash.

This particular test was introduced very recently ago and it saw many minivans failing the obstacle. Only two vehicles passed the test and they are the Honda Odyssey and the Chrysler Pacifica. Between the two, the Odyssey scored significantly better than the Pacifica.

Keeping in mind that the Pacifica has been running away with the best sales in the segment, the safety accomplishment of the Odyssey is likely to be used by Honda to catch-up with its rival.