2019 Honda S2000: New Signs Pointing To Sports Hybrid!

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It is no secret that Honda is developing the next-gen Honda S2000 and the vehicle promises to offer a performance like no other.

Recent leaks that appeared online suggests that the S2000 will be relying on the Civic Type-R-sourced 2L turbo-4 engine but today, there appears to be more than what meets the eye.

A new report which claims to have spoken to an insider from Honda revealed that the 320hp on the S2000 is just based on the 2L mill alone. It is actually not the overall power figure.

It is a pretty vague statement but one which strongly suggests that the next S2000 may adopt a sports hybrid setup. It could be that the S2000 will utilize the 2L turbo-4 engine as its primary mill and two electric motors as its secondary mill.

The S2000 may just end up being a miniature Acura NSX that can churn out 400hp and compete fiercely with the next-gen Toyota Supra. Such an outcome certainly sounds exciting but will it happen?