2019 Jeep Moab New Concept Showed Off!

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Jeep has released images of the concepts that they will be showing off at the Moab Easter Safari this year and it is clear that there is a theme to all the concept this year.

It looks like pickup trucks is all that Jeep could think about this year as a huge portion of their concept were pickup trucks. We have the Jeep Gladiator pickup concept that was fitted with Mopar parts like the 17inch off-road wheels, heavy-gauge steel rock rails, 35inch trires and more.

One of the more interesting concept out of the bunch is the Jeep Five-Quater concept which was initially a military version fo the Gladiator truck. It was then modified and reinforced to become what it is now.

Other trucks that we will be seeing in Moab includes the Jeep J6, Jeep Wayout, Jeep Flatbill, and the Jeep JT Scrambler. Jeep will be showing off six concepts at the event this year. Which one of these concept do you like the most?