2019 Jeep Wrangler Diesel: Where Art Thou?

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Jeep has said before that it is in their best interest to offer the new generation Wrangler with a diesel powertrain and this is a promise that is pending to get fulfilled. The new Wrangler made its debut earlier this year and a diesel offering is absent on the list. So, is it still happening?

The answer to this is yes and it also explains why diesels were not available during the Wrangler’s launch day. A leak has surfaced on JL Wrangler Forums and it came in the form of dealership order codes.

Deciphering the codes will show the Wrangler coming with Fiat-Chrysler’s 3L V6 CRD engine. The mill is also associated with other engine features like start-stop. It is also worth noting that the CRD unit will be offered with the MY2019 Wrangler 4-door Unlimited Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon models.

The year-long delayed release of diesel is meant to give the Wrangler a better chance at sales. The full details on the diesel offering will be out somewhere in Q1 next year. Stay tuned.