2019 Kia Forte Days Are Numbered By Mazda3!

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Ever since Honda launched the tenth-generation Civic, we have patiently waited for a rival carmaker to launch a product that can outdo the car. Well, this has finally happened and it is through the 2019 Kia Forte.

The compact vehicle from South Korea made its unveiling a couple of months ago and it has received huge praises by major automotive outlets worldwide. This cannot be help as the Forte has taken a lot of inspiration from the award-winning Stinger hence promising an engaging performance in the affordable scene. With such a potential, some are already calling the Forte the new king of the compact segment.

We find it a bit premature to crown the Forte as the new champion as there are other revolutionary compact cars that are also nearing their debuts.

Among them is none other than the next-gen Mazda3. This upcoming car will make its official debut next month and it will come with the new high-compression SkyActiv-X mill. The new engine promises diesel-like torque, hybrid-like fuel economy and an unbeatable performance.

Based on the teasers alone and the fact that the current aging Mazda3 is only half a step behind the Honda Civic, we expect the vehicle to steal the crown from the Kia Forte upon making its debut.