2019 Lexus ES Gets Overly Cautious With New Technology

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It is official. The next-gen Lexus ES has made its final unveiling in its home market, Japan, and it features something that the world has never seen before.

If you’re wondering what it is, the Lexus ES comes with digital mirrors. This is a new technology that utilizes cameras in the place of traditional side-mirrors and they will relay the wide-angle image onto the screen inside the cabin. The screen is, of course, carefully positioned for ease of use.

Such a technology has been dubbed as the future of the automotive scene and there have been previews of it from various automakers. However, it looks like Lexus is going to be the first to actually offer the tool through the ES.

The only setback here is that Lexus is being too cautious about it as the feature will be made exclusively for the Japanese market. Perhaps, it could be due to fear of crash controversies that comes with the introduction of new technologies.

When in Japan, Lexus knows full well of their consumers driving practices hence giving them a little bit more time to polish the digital mirrors before a global release.