2019 Lexus LC F vs Nissan GT-R vs Acura NSX: We Need A Winner!

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It has been a decade since Nissan launched the GT-R and the car is still one of the best sports vehicle money can buy today. While the competition may have caught up to the GT-R’s offering, they still need to beat the car on a proper race if they want to dethrone the halo vehicle from Nissan.

Perhaps, the GT-R should go through with it by competing with its homeland rivals – the Acura NSX and the Lexus LC F. Because if the GT-R is to lose its title as the face of Japanese sports cars, we are likely to see Nissan pushing on to develop the next-gen GT-R.

On the other hand, such a race will also allow us to see how good the new cars actually are. The Acura NSX prides itself with the most advanced performance technologies around whereas Lexus has said that the LC F will rely on a powerful 4L twin-turbo V8 with more than 600hp to offer.

Clearly, a race needs to happen in order to identify the champion in the Japanese supercar industry. Which car do you think will come out on top?