2019 Lincoln Nautilus Won’t Know When You Let Go

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Ford will be issuing a recall to bring back the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus after it was discovered that a software glitch might have increase the risk of an accident.

According to the reports, the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus that comes fitted with features like lane-centering assist and adaptive front steering will not know if the drivers have taken their hands off the steering and will not warn or alert the driver when that happens.

The recall will affect abuot 2700 units of vehicle with most of those from the US while 371 untis will be from Canada. These vehicles came from the Oakville plant and was build between the 5th of September until the 19th of November last year.

Those affected will get their power steering control module software updated for free but we do not know when the fix will start. So if you vehicle is affected, you might want to take note of that the next time you get behind the wheels.