2019 Mazda3 Can Kill Compact Competition, Here’s Why

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In about a month from now, Mazda will present to the world the official version of the next-gen Mazda3. This is something many can’t wait for and credits goes to the Kai Concept which the Mazda3 is based on.

The Kai Concept has got an admirable design that incorporates a lot of premium features. Some that are worth mentioning include taillights that looks like a modern remake of the old Alfa Romeo 147 and the pop-up infotainment system that looks like it came from BMW.

The Kai Concept spells quality all over it and this is why there is a lot of interested buyers looking towards the release of the Mazda3.

Another thing to note is that the Mazda3 will debut together with the all-new SkyActiv-X engine that will feature spark-controlled ignition. The high compression mill promises hybrid-like fuel economy, diesel-like torque and a high-output petrol performance.

The details are reserved for the LA Auto Show that is scheduled to happen at the end of November and we don’t see why the Mazda3 can kill the competition in the segment which it will compete in.