2019 Mazda3: Discouraging Android Auto With High Calling Fee!

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Google’s Android Auto has successfully improved on an individual’s daily journey as the phone pairing system allows drivers to navigate Google Maps while also play their smartphone’s media on their car’s infotainment system.

With such an offering, many automakers have decided to throw in Android Auto on their cars with hopes of boosting sales. But not all companies are into Android Auto and among them is Mazda.

The Japanese carmaker still thinks that Android Auto is a distraction and it goes against their protocol of producing driver-oriented vehicles. This has actually caused Mazda more harm than good because the majority of their fans have shown strong desire to have Android Auto on a Mazda.

If you’re among them, we have got good news for you and it is that Mazda has given in to the demand and they will begin offering Android Auto with the next-gen Mazda3. The catch here is that you will need to pay a hefty price if you want Android Auto because Mazda will be limiting the offering to only the higher-end trims of the Mazda3.

If that is not bad enough, Android Auto will be offered as an add-on option instead of a standard feature. It is pretty obvious that Mazda wants to discourage Android Auto with such decisions.