2019 Mazda3 Is Not One For The Mazdaspeed Hopefuls

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The next-gen Mazda Mazda3 is scheduled to make its debut later this year and it promises to be the best compact car in the market when released. Mazda has made it clear that it is in their best interest to turn the Mazda3 into a world beater and this has raised hopes for the return of Mazdaspeed.

Well, if you’re among those that are hoping to see a new take on the Mazdaspeed moniker, you best live in an alternate universe because it won’t happen at all.

Mazda cleared the air last week when they reminded the masses that the Mazdaspeed project has ceased operations and they won’t be venturing into it again. Knowing that the fans won’t be happy with their statement, Mazda cushioned the impact through claiming that the next-gen Mazda3 will be so good that there won’t be a need for Mazdaspeed.

This is an outcome which Mazda can pull-off easily and the method is through offering the next-gen Mazda3 with the same 2.5L turbocharged mill on the Mazda6. Such a setup can create an output of 250hp thus making the next Mazda3 into a potential world-beater. Make it happen Mazda!