2019 Mercedes GLS Is Way Out Of Jeep Grand Cherokee’s League!

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee is classified as a midsized luxury SUV but the vehicle never really managed to threaten the luxury SUVs from Germany.

With Jeep not being a pure luxury brand, it seems like Mercedes would love to hand the Grand Cherokee a reality check on how far behind the vehicle is on the luxury scale through the next-gen GLS.

The luxury vehicle is due to arrive next year and today, it made its debut on the spy cameras. As how you can see below, the next GLS has got the shape and structure that will put it in direct competition with a Land Rover or even the Bentley Bentayga. Unfortunately, the thick camouflage has prevented us from identifying the styling elements on the upcoming GLS.

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Mercedes has revealed that the GLS is being built on a new platform that will reduce weight by a huge margin. The vehicle will also feature plenty of semi-autonomous technologies aimed at improving driving experience.

The icing on the cake is with the availability of the GLS AMG, which will arrive at a later date. The AMG version will see the GLS running on a powerful V8 and it will do so without hurting the luxury elements inside the cabin.