2019 Mini EV Will Lead The Pack

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We have been seeing more and more EV models get added to the market but what we have not seen so far is an electric hatchback. When the upcoming Mini EV arrives, it will be arriving as the first EV hatchback model as well.

The upcoming EV will be coming in as a Mini Cooper S E model that will be riding on the UKL 1 platform. The vehicle will most likely be getting the 181hp electric motor from BMW i3 s. They will also be sharing the lithium-ion battery pack from the i3 model which will allow the vehicle to offer close to 200miles of range.

In terms of styling, it should not be too different from the Mini Cooper S model with probably a few minor updates.

The Mini Cooper S E will be unveil this year as part of their 60th anniversary celebration with sales expected to start in Europe at the end fo this year.