2019 Mustang GT500 Won’t Get Ford GT’s Heart!

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This year is expected to be the year where Ford launches the next-gen Mustang GT500 and there is no certainty on what the vehicle will have to offer.

One of the most debated aspect of the next GT500 is with the powertrain it will drive on. Ford’s statements are strongly suggesting on the use of a V8 engine but there are some strong rumours claiming on something else.

These rumours pointed out that Ford is being pressured to downsize and it can be seen with their Ecoboost program as well as their drastic decision to become utility-focussed carmaker in their home market. With that in mind, some reports have claimed on the use of a V6 engine with the GT500 while others are siding with a hybrid powertrain.

The latest claim is that Ford will equip the next-gen Mustang GT500 with the same powertrain that is being used on their flagship supercar- the GT.

We find this to be the most absurd of speculations because the GT’s powertrain will require a lot of restructuring work if it wants to be compatible with a Mustang’s body. It is highly unlikely for Ford to take such actions hence you should put your money on the use of a V8 engine with the next GT500.