2019 Range Rover Hybrid: Bad Record Hurting Prospect

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Jaguar Land Rover has confirmed that they will be launching a brand new Range Rover soon and it will be one that relies on a hybrid powertrain. This is big news because it will mark the first time a Range Rover has an electric motor for the big market.

The idea for the Range Rover to run on hybrid is certainly a step forward for Jaguar Land Rover as a whole but the firm should not expect things to sail smoothly from day one. A recent report on ConsumerReports revealed that they vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover are often struck by electronic-related issues.

Seeing that hybrid is considered as half a step towards full electric powertrain, it’s application on the Range River may live up to the company’s bad electric reputation.

The good news here is that the Range Rover Hybrid can be that redemption car from JLR hence they will need to do a lot into convincing the masses on their improved electric reliability. Will the Range Rover Hybrid be able to jump this hurdle?