2019 Toyota 4Runner Takes A Dark Twist

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Dark versions of a particular vehicle are often produced with the special edition tag. We’ve seen plenty of ‘Midnight Editions’ on the roads with badges from Chevrolet, RAM and even Nissan.

Now, it is Toyota’s turn to show-off their dark flavour and it is through the 4Runner. Toyota released a picture of what they call the 4Runner Special Nightshade Edition and it saw the vehicle blacking out on all corners.

The blackout involves the grille, exhaust, wheels, wing mirrors, door handles, window surrounds, steering wheel, centre console, door panels and also Toyota’s logo. And of course, this is not to mention the extra upgrades that comes with the 4Runner like an all-new suspension package that gives the vehicle a lift.

The overall outcome is a 4Runner Special Nightshade Edition that looks bolder and more menacing than the ordinary 4Runner. Toyota is expected to announce on the pricing of the 4Runner next month.