2019 Toyota Century: Pulling Off A Rolls Royce For A Fraction Of The Price!

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When someone speaks of extreme luxury vehicles, Toyota will be the last name we’ll think off and this is due to the carmaker’s extreme focus at offering reliable, economical and affordable cars. Luxuries and Toyotas simply don’t blend – well unless we’re talking about the Century.

The Toyota Century has always been regarded as the best luxury car from Japan and locals there quoted the car to be on the same league with Rolls Royce. Today, Toyota went public to announce on the next Century and we are able to see why there is that comparison with Royce.

As how you can see above, the upcoming Century has got the appearance of a limo-like luxury estate with elements of ‘timeless’ styling. The interior too blends old-school luxuries with modern technologies and Toyota stuck through with the use of wool as the primary material in the cabin.

Wool has been widely praised for offering significantly better comfort than leather and they have been the way for the Century since the car’s beginning.

Now onto the price, the Japanese media quoted the Century to sell at $180,000 after conversion to US Dollars and this is really cheap when compared to say… a Rolls Royce.