2019 Toyota RAV4 Cured Off Diesel Addiction!

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The dieselgate scandal that have plagued the automotive scene has led the once-popular fuel type into a plunge in popularity and some consumers have even turned against the fuel-type.

The sharp dip in demand and popularity of diesels have led many carmakers to change their line-up and the latest to do so is Toyota. The Japanese carmaker has confirmed that they will cease selling their cars with a diesel mill.

This caught us by surprise because firstly, we never realized that the RAV4 has been offered with a diesel powertrain for a number of years already. Secondly, the diesel change is taking effect quickly, through the 2019 RAV4.

So, if you want a diesel-powered RAV4, you should go to the dealers now with hopes of securing a unit. It is either that or the used car market for you.