2019 Toyota RAV4: Diesel Model Left Behind

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With everything that has been happening with diesel engines these few years, it is no wonder the popularity of diesel-powered vehicles has dropped as well. Because of that, automakers have been taking steps to slowly move away from a diesel engine and focus on some alternative.

One of the models that will be dropping the diesel option for 2019 is the Toyota RAV4. According to Toyota, the 2019 Toyota RAV4 will be coming in without a diesel engine option. Since most people did not even notice that the RAV4 could be had with a diesel engine, we think most people would not mind the sudden change.

Of course, if you still want to own a diesel-powered RAV4, you can still go and get the 2018 model. What do you think of Toyota’s decision to stop offering a diesel engine option on their RAV4? What other engine options do you think the 2019 model should offer?