2019 Volkswagen e-Golf Will Be Heavier On The Wallet

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With more and more electric models getting added into the market, you would think that automakers would want to keep their price competitive for now so that they don’t get overlooked but that is not what Volkswagen has in mind.

The automaker has just annoucne the new price tag for their 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf model and it looks like the 2019 model will be slighly more expansive compared to the preovpus model.

Based on the new price list, the base e-Golf SE model will now retail for $32,790 which means it will be about $1400 more expansive than the previous model. The Volkswagen e-Golf SEL Premium on the other hand will come with a $39,790 price tag.

Of course, the base model will now come with the DC Fast Charger features as well as the Driver Assistance Package option but do you think that justifies the price hike?

The 2019 model will still be offering abotu 124miles of range which is a bit lower than what their competitors are offering right now.