2020 Audi E-Tron GT Won’t Come Alone

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Just a year ago, if you wanted to own a fully electric SUV model, your only option was to get it from Tesla but things has started to change from there and we are expecting to see nne more electric SUV from various automaker including one from Audi.

Audi has not confirm anything yet but it was reproted that they are working on an electric crossover that would come after they release the Audi E-Tron.

The crossover model will come in to sit in between the Audi Q2 and Audi Q3 in terms of size which means this could be a more affordable option for the consumers. There is a lot that we still do not know about this upcomong electric crossover. Besides this electric model, we are also expecting to see a few more SUVs coming from Audi before 2025.

It is believe that the concept of the EV Crossover will be taking the stage next year while the production model will arrive in 2020.