2020 BMW 1 Series Leaked Images Not Real

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Earlier this month, a few leaked image of the 2020 BMW 1 Series were seen online but it was now revealed that the images might not be leaks but actually just renderings.

The rendered model was taller and bulkier than the current 1 Series model with a design similar to what the BMW X2 has received. The images did not show off the interior.

However, it did not take long for poeple to notice that the surroundings of the images were an exact match to the ones seen on the BMW X2 photos. It was later revealed that the images were made by Larson Future Car Images and were not really a leak.

While we might not know how it looks like yet, it was rported that it could be coming with a few 2.0 liters three and four-cylinder turbocharged engine option with an eight-speed automatic transmission when it arrives.