2020 BMW 7 Series Baring Its Teeth

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BMW might not be ready to show off their upcoming 2020 BMW 7 Series yet but the public did help them speed things up but leaking new images of the upcoming BMW 7 Series showing us its grille.

While EV models are trying to do away with grilles, it looks like BMW wants their BMW 7 Series grille to be the center of attention. The leaked image showed the vehicle with its huge grille in the front similar to what BMW is offering on the BMW X7.

BMW love for grille can also be found on their Vision iNext which is pretty eye catching as well with some saying they were put off by it while other saying that in real life, the grille design actually works for the iNext. Let’s hope it is really the case here.

No word on when BMW plans to debut the updated BMW 7 Series.