2020 BMW 8-Series Set To Create Peak Price Record!

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It is no secret that BMW is developing the 8-Series and the vehicle is expected to make its debut next year. The 8-Series will turn the heat up over the 7-Series, meaning that the car will boast having significantly better performance and luxuries.

At first, we don’t expect the 8-Series to have a truly spectacular outcome since the vehicle is commonly perceived as a coupe version of the 7-Series but our opinion changed after learning more about the M760i.

The M760i is basically the most expansive vehicle from BMW yet and it is made to be the ultimate performing luxury car around. With a price tag of $180,000, we find it surprising that the M760i is not getting more praises than the i8 and this is likely to get worse when the 8-Series arrives.

The 8-Series is surely going to have more to offer than the M760i and it will stretch the pricing point to a new record high. All will be revealed when the 8-Series makes its debut next year.