2020 BMW M2 CS: Very Limited

When BMW first announce their 2020 BMW M2 CS model, it was revealed that they would be bringing 500 units into the US but it looks like there is less to go around now as new reports seem to suggest that only 400 units will be brought over.

According to BMW Blog, about 400 units will come to the US and that is about 18% if the 2200 units that BMW will be manufacturing. It is believed that 104 units will go to the UK while Australia will be getting 70 units. Belgium and Luxembourg would get 131 units.

From the interest that the vehicle has been getting, it probably would not be hard for BMW to sell off the 400 units that are allotted for that US even when the vehicle is fitted with expensive features like the M carbon ceramic ranking system, gloss black carbon fiber hood and other features that could push it past the $!00,000 marks.

What do you think of the 2020 BMW M2 CS?

Author: Staff Reporter

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