2020 Chrysler 300: Don’t Mistake Me For Alfa Giulia

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It is official. Chrysler has confirmed that the next-gen 300 is in developments and the vehicle is expected to make its first unveiling next year. A preview photo of the car has been released online and you can refer to embedded image above.

If looking at the image has made you think of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, you don’t have to feel guilty for it because the next 300 really looks like a Giulia twin. The red paintjob, narrow headlights and body shape looks like a carbon-copy of the Giulia.

Personally, we are shocked by the amount of Giulia found in the next 300 and we feel that this is a little too much from Chrysler. The carmaker has mentioned before that the next 300 will be built on the same platform used on the latest Giulia but they never indicate on a similar design.

The only good bit about the 300 is that Chrysler won’t be using the Giulia’s engines to power the car. The details on this are not out yet but we’re hoping to see the same hybrid setup that is used on the Pacifica.

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