2020 Dodge Viper Won’t Be An Explosion Of Emotions!

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About a year ago, Dodge discontinued the Viper permanently and this is due to the car lacking all the safety requirements that have been made mandatory. The Viper simply can’t live on as it is no longer fitting for road-legal status hence the axing.

Many are saddened by this as the Viper is regarded highly as the iconic supercar from the US. Without it, there will be emptiness on this front and one less point for Americans to boast about.

But then again, the emotional exit of the Viper may only be temporary as per reported by Car&Driver. The automotive site recently spoke to a credible source and they revealed that the Viper will welcome a new-generation model in 2020.

That is only about 2 years from now and we don’t see how the short absence will leave a dent in the hearts of the masses. If true, we can expect Dodge to start spilling the beans on the car towards the end of next year.