2020 Ford Bronco Ask Everest For Important Parts!

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It might have looked Ford was testing out the Ford Everest which is an SUV that is being offered in Australia, New Zealand along with a few other Asian and South Africa.

According to the latest report, the vehicle could come in riding on the Everest platform but it will not be the same model as the Bronco will be coming wheelbase, four doors and more.

This is not that surprising since people were already expecting the Broncos to be an updated version of their Ford Everest. As amazing as it sounds, it looks like a lot of people are still unhappy about some of the things that Ford will be offering.

Of course, because it vehicle was heavily covered up, it is a little hard to guess what is underneath. It might even just be Ford testing out some crazy ideas. There is really no way to know right now. What do you think?