2020 Ford Bronco Counting Down Wrangler’s Days!

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The all-new generation Jeep Wrangler has been selling like hotcakes since its arrival several months ago and it has left many wondering if there will be any vehicle that can compete with the iconic SUV.

Well, Ford has responded and they revealed that the next-gen Bronco will have enough to take away the limelight from the Wrangler. Ford shared that the Bronco has made extensive progress on the development front and it promises to become the best all-terrain, body-on-frame SUV when released.

If that is not exciting enough, there is the possibility for the Bronco to acquire a Raptor trim. Ford was questioned on that possibility and they cheekily responded by saying “wait and see”.

The Bronco was a popular SUV back in the 90s and the new model is hoping to revive the success of the past. When paired together with the Raptor trim, the Bronco may just have enough to reel away consumers from the Jeep Wrangler.