2020 Ford Bronco: Hennessey Already Onboard

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While we already know that Ford is working on the 2020 Ford Bronco and that they will be releasing it soon, we have not really seen it. In fact, Ford made sure they gave us as little information as they can about the upcoming model.

Despite the lack of details, that has not stop Hennessey Performance from making the Bronco a part of their future plan. The tuner announce that they will be giving the Ford Bronco a modification and has even added a dedicated page for the Ford Bronco on their website.

According to Hennessey Performance, they will be offering upgrades like high-flow air induction system, stainless stell exhaust, new suspen, intercooler system, off-road wheels and tires. They also added that they will tweak the engine which suggest that they might already know what the Bronco will be getting under the hood.

Ford ahs not announce the engine yet but it was speucalted that it would come with a 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6 engine that offers about 335hp and 380lb ft of torque.