2020 Ford Escape: Hybrid Numbers Out Now

Ford has finally revealed the fuel economy numbers for the 2020 Ford Escape hybrid model. Here is what we know right now.

The Ford Escape Hybrid model with a front-wheel-drive system will be offering 44mpg in the city and 37mpg on the highway with 41mpg combined. The all-wheel-drive model, on the other hand, will be offering about 43mpg in the city and 37mmog on the highway.

With these numbers, the 2020 Ford Escape hybrid will be slightly ahead of some of their rivals like the Toyota RAV4 hybrid which will be offering about 40mpg combined, 41mpg on the highway and 38mpg in the city. The Honda CR-V Hybrid numbers are still a mystery at this point.

Of course, rivals like the TOyota RAV4 Hybrid will have a slight advantage when it comes to the base price as the Toyota is being offered for $29,200 while the FWD Escape base model will retail for $29,450.

Author: Staff Reporter

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