2020 Honda Civic Si Worth The Wait?

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While we do like some of the updates that Honda is offering on the 2020 Honda Civic Si right now, others think that Honda could have done a better job with the engine as well as its offering.

If that is the case, should those look to get the Civic Si to wait for the 2020 model? Well, it was reported that the Honda Civic will be getting a facelift from Honda, if that happens, it is highly possible that the Honda Civic Si could also be given an updated exterior.

It was reported that the Honda Civic could get an updated fake vent while the inside will now come with volume knobs. We do not know what kind of changes the 2020 Honda Civic Si will get but it might be worth the wait if you do not like what the current model has to offer.

The 2019 Honda Civic LX model with the manual transmission will be offered for $20,345 now.